Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Community Server and CAPTCHA

So far I've been pretty thrilled with Community Server as my blog engine. One of the things I didn't set up right away was anonymous comments for my blog entries. I wasn't sure how CS would handle spam comments, so I left it disabled for the time being. Well, after doing some research this evening I found a few things about controlling spam comments in a blog and, specifically, in CS:
  1. The most popular deterrent is to implement a CAPTCHA control.
  2. A very popular CAPTCHA implementation for ASP.NET is Miguel Jimenez's Clearscreen SharpHIP HIP-CAPTCHA Control.
  3. The Clearscreen SharpHIP HIP-CAPTCHA Control was specifically designed with the .Text blog engine in mind, the predecessor to Community Server. However, it can be used with any traditional ASP.NET web form.
  4. And, one more minor thing: the Clearscreen SharpHIP HIP-CAPTCHA Control doesn't work with Community Server.

Community Server does some pretty funky stuff with the request URLs, which, I'm sure is what's hosing up the control. Anyway, I'm going to keep an eye on Miguel's blog to see if he posts an update that's compatible with Community Server.

If anyone else out there has a better solution (besides using a different blog engine), please let me know. Of course, you're going to have to log in to my CS site in order to leave that comment. Oh, the irony.

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