Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Radical Islam

I watched a very interesting documentary last night called Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West.

I think since 9/11 everyone has been aware of a link between Islam Extremism and terrorism, but I'm not sure everyone is aware of the gravity of this movement. What I liked about the film was that just about everyone interviewed was a Muslim (one person was a former PLO agent). This diminished the notion that the movie was a biased message from non-Muslim groups (i.e. Jedeo-Christian). And, of course, the first point made was that Islam Extremism is a view only held by a small percentage of practicing Muslims (something like 10 to 15%). However, that number is getting bigger as the "movement" is being very effective in recruiting non-Extremists to their cause - especially the youth.

The scary thing is the end goal of Radical Islam: to take over the world (by force) and make everyone Islam, killing everyone who apposes. A lot of people, including myself, questioned why Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center. Why do they hate us so much? Why were they willing to kill Americans, including Muslims? The answer, according to the film, is that they will kill anyone who apposes their mission of world domination. Right now, Western Civilization, is a huge target since it apposes this world view.

The movie also drew a very interesting parallel between Islam Extremism and the Nazi movement in WWII. Hitler's end goal was similar: to take over the world and eradicate anyone who didn't fit his world view, his primary target being the Jews. An interesting point was made that the current Radical Islam movement is potentially more dangerous than the Nazi movement because the Nazis fought because Hitler told them to; Islam Extremists fight because they believe God is telling them too.

Taking all this into account, puts a new spin on the War in Iraq, at least for me. Like most Americans right now, I'm getting weary of this conflict: the money being spent, the lives lost, yada yada. Up until the last few years, I've considered myself a conservative. I voted for Bush. However, these days its been tough to understand and support what he's doing. After all, wasn't it Osama bin Laden who attacked us, not Iraq? There were no WMD's. It just seems like we're there now because we opened a can of worms and can't get out.

Well, if what this movie says is true, then there is some logic for being in Iraq. Assuming the US government realized the real threat of Islam Extremism (world take-over), they had two options: build US defenses and just wait for the movement to grow and attack us or be proactive and attempt to stabilize the region where most of the Islam Extremism was coming from. At the time we invaded Iraq, everyone, left and right was certain that Saddam Hussein had WMD's. And if he was in on this movement, there was a huge threat here. Well, he didn't (at least we didn't find any). So we finally took him out only to find that removing him destabilized the country even more. But given the threat of Radical Islam, did we have any choice? Had we just sat back and let the movement take over the rest of world, we would have had very little chance of effectively defending ourselves in the future. Tough call. I'm glad I'm not the President of the Unites States.

As a Christian, I'm still not sure where I stand on the War in Iraq. I guess from a strategic standpoint, it makes sense. But as far as showing the love of Christ, I'm not so sure. War is never a black and white issue.

A final point. About a month ago I watched Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. This movie openned my eyes as well. I find it interesting that both the left and right have a doomsday prophecy: the left thinks the polar ice caps will melt within 50 years and the right thinks a global Jehad will take over the world. Both sides say we need to take action now to prevent the end of the world as we know it.

Wouldn't it be ironic if both sides were true.


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Jason said...

I came across your blog while looking for something else and your post caught my eye. The issue with Iraq is incredible from an historic point of view. With the US at the helm again and for others to point the finger dong the armchair thing ,like you I would not want to be president. But something inspired me to comment and forgive if I go long. I too am a Christian. I strive to be Biblical in all my views yet the issue of war is a hard one. Especially this one. Why because our enemy has no address. And what may prove to be even more frightening is that the enemy may already be here. We may be witnessing our own modern day Trojan horse. With that said there are ties between Islam (not just radical) and the Nazi's. Truth be told both want(ed) the Jews exterminated. Listen to what the president of Iran says about Israel and you will understand. His public view is not rhetoric. It is his passion and his intent to rid the Jews from this planet is not in spirit of just Islam or the final solution but more if you look beyond that. Hitler thought if he could rid the world of the Jews it would prove the Bible errant thus proving there was no God. Islam has replaced the ownership or birthright of Israel with claims that Israel has not only no right to the land but no right to exist equating them (the Jews) with dogs. Thus giving creedence to Allah and not the God of the Bible. Where is this found? Not in a speech by Bin Laden but in the Quran itself.
I think that you might be right about the US presence in Iraq being there to stabilize a region for the sake of US soil. Yes there are many lives lost and much is sacrificed by those who serve but what would be the ultimate cost be if we didn't invade on 2003? I don't know. Why? Because I like you and many others, we are not at liberty to know answers that could change the face of this nation. Some answers and intel is meant for those who know where the big red button is.
I struggle with this war. I voted for Bush too. But now what? He has Nixon-esque numbers but to Bush's credit he could care less about polls. I think he truly believes he is doing the right thing but to what end? Is he readying the public for something bigger or worse than 9-11? Hillary Clinton said something a couple of weeks ago during a Democratic debate. She talked about how we shouldn't be putting so much into this war because we need to be getting ready for the next war. What next war? Is she tipping her hand? As senator to New York state what information does she have? This makes me wonder. She acknowledges that our troop presence in the Middle East is indefinite. What we have right now is the largest military base in the Middle East with the ability to strike any Arab nation within minutes. With the likes of Iran out there screaming for Jewish blood I guess being there is ok by me. This world is heading in a direction that historians recognize as unprecedented. We have been thrust into a holy war regardless of what we think. When Jihadists march through the streets of the Middle East chanting "First Gaza, then Jerusalem then the World!" I take them seriously. They aren't kidding. Turkey is one of many examples throughout the world. Alas, but we are Christians and we do know who wins in the end. And if I read my bible correctly God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wins. I hope that someday soon we will all know if Iraq was the right thing to do but it is encouraging to see that there are people out there who are really examining things instead of turning on the news and just nodding their heads in unison to some suit in front of a teleprompter (your not a news anchor are you? If so I meant it in the nicest way)
BTW. Don't buy into the global warming thing. China has the oldest known records of weather patterns on earth. Rumor has it that it dates back to the time of the first temple. Will it suggest man made global warming or a cyclical weather pattern? Plus Al Gore is questionable at best. Remember the carbon offsets that he purchases are through Generation Investment Management. He almost owns that company. He's basically buying from himself. The days are evil and uncertain.
Again I am sorry for the rant.
Take care and God Bless you and yours.

j from mpls.

Anonymous said...

Jason, thanks for your comment. Indeed this a complex situation, one that has seemed to divide even Christian thought. I like how you bring things into perspective, remembering how all of this is going to pan out in the end. And the main point being that there is more going on here than what the media is portraying. Radical Islam is a silent threat that is growing at an alarming rate.

Oh, and I'm a computer programmer, not a news anchor, so feel free to flame the media all you want :)