Monday, January 22, 2007

Will Google take over the world?

For years I've had to endure Microsoft-bashing. I call it bashing because for the past 8 years I've made a living off of the success of Microsoft and knocking Microsoft (or M$ as the affectionate abbreviation goes), meant you were knocking the entity that ultimate allowed me to get a pay check. But don't get me wrong, it's fun to bash large corporations, and I'll admit I've made an occasional M$ jab from time to time. Microsoft has done some cool stuff and some not so cool stuff. And, ironically, many of the sins they were accused of back in the day have been committed by many of their competitors since then. I guess it's the game of business.

I remember something Bill Gates said a few years ago when Microsoft was at its peak. And that was that at any given moment, Microsoft Corporation was 12 months away from going under. What he meant was that even a software giant like Microsoft could never stand still or the competition would eat it alive.

Well, I think Microsoft has met it's match: Google. It's no secret that Google has quietly become a huge player in the technology world. They are the standard search engine. I love many of their free services, including Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Reader. But I've always found it a bit odd that they offer so much stuff for free.

What exactly is G$ up too? Check this out.


Barnabas said...

Cringely is a conspiracy-theory wack-job who ends up being right a good percentage of the time.

I am falling into the arms of Google with both eyes wide open. They control most of my digital world: email, rss reader, calendar, documents, spreadsheets, notebook, IM. But there has to be an end game to all of this benevolence.

There will be big problems when we all try to get 1.5-12 Mbps at the same time. I think there will be improvements that will allow fiber to carry much more that it does right now, but that will still only answer part of the problem. Those data centers that Google is building are huge, and very strategically positioned. We will soon find out the purpose of it all.

At any rate, let me know when the Google bashing starts. That just means that they are making even more money. That's when I would really like to start working for them.

Anonymous said...

Big G's watching... Shhhhh...