Monday, June 11, 2007

First MS150 a Success

I've had way too busy of a summer. So much so that one of the biggest events, the MS150, came and went, and I never even bothered blogging about it. Well, here it is, better late than never.

In short: we (Jeff and I) had a blast. 150 miles of fun... and soreness. My butt got pretty sore and at the final 10 miles of the tour my left knee was giving me problems. Jeff had been drafting behind me most of the way and, at the end, was able to take the lead, which was nice. Jeff had weird gloves and one of his hands was numb for about 3 weeks afterward!

But the benefits definitely outweighed the costs! I will do this event next year.

Here were some lessons learned:
  • Stretching is very important (lack of is what caused my knee injury).
  • Get on the trail earlier in the morning next year to beat the heat.
  • Get more power with higher RPM's instead pedalling harder; this is much easier on your joints.
  • Hang with a group to take advantage of drafting. I would struggle to maintain 15mph (with a head wind), but it a group could do 18mph with ease.