Saturday, June 07, 2008

2008 MS150 - Friday

007 008

Loaded the bikes in our own rental truck, hopped on the bus, and made it up to Carlton, MN last night with the Backdrafters.


Spent the night in the Black Bear Casino Hotel, and now I sit in the hotel lobby with my laptop mentally gearing up for the first day of riding with a cup of coffee.

Our team has a bit of a unique situation in that they're not starting in Proctor like the rest of the 3500 MS150 bikers. Doug, the team captain, wasn't able to book enough hotel rooms in Proctor for the team and so switches us over to Carlton, which is about 15 miles down the trail, making today's ride a little shorter than 75 miles (this is one reason why I chose to bike from home to National Sports Center yesterday, which was about 16 miles).


I've already met a lot of great people on the team. I met Doug (above) right away; he's a great guy.

012There was also someone practicing their accordion in the parking lot yesterday afternoon before we left Blaine (I'm assuming that's going to be used tonight in Hinckley for the festivities).

I also met my roommates: Landin (our room captain), Cory, John, and Dillan. The cool thing is that it sounds like all of us want to try to ride together. Ladin is a pretty aggressive rider; he's done both the Minnesota Iron Man and the MS TRAM (Trek Across Minnesota).

It should be a fun day of biking!

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American Way most times the wrong way said...

You forgot to mention the delicious dinner buffet on friday night also that you visited the salad bar twice