Saturday, June 07, 2008

2008 MS150 - Saturday Ride

Leaving Black Bear Casino

We left Carlton this morning at about 7:30 am. I was very excited to ride, but nervous to see if I'd be able to keep up with my partners. Landon (far right) is a biking freak and claims to have drafted many a semi truck doing 50+ mph!

First pedals

So we hit the road and in about 36 minutes and 10.17 miles later we hit our first rest stop (which was actually rest stop #2 since we started in Carlton instead of Proctor). Our average speed was 17 mph. Not too bad for the warm-up ride. Cory (right, below) decided it was wise to put some air in his tires at this point.

Rest Stop #2

After the first rest stop we picked up the pace and averaged 18.6 to rest stop #3, biking 11.34 miles. Also I did some pulling (led our group) and was actually able to maintain a decent pace!

At 8:50 we reached rest stop #3 and took a quick breather. The next stop would be lunch!

With our 10.05 mile run to lunch our average speed increased again to 18.7 mph! The Subways were great!

Rest Stop #4 (Lunch) Yum!  Subway!

And a bit filling. Our 9.13 mile run from lunch to rest stop #5 was a little slower (17.4 mph). It was definitely getting warmer. Landon (right, below) was tired of my camera phone.

Rest Stop #5 It's Pete

Our last run was the going to be the longest (15.6 miles). Amazingly we all hit a major second wind! At one point we were consistently holding 24 mph, all of taking our turn pulling, and still doing that with a head wind!

And finally, the finish:

Hinckley finish line

Overall we averaged about 19 mph and arrived in Hinckley at about 11:45am (I think I arrived at Hinckley last year about 3pm)! And I kept pace the entire day! I owe most of that to the awesome bike that my boss, Kerry, borrowed me for the event: A 2005 (I think) Bianchi Cross Concept.

Now it was time to check into the hotel, relax a bit, and check out the infamous Backdrafters tent...

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