Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GeeTasks Pro

I’m a bit of a personal productivity junky and it seems I’m always trying out the latest time-management apps on computers and my iPhone.  Well, I think I’ve finally settled on one I really like: GeeTasks Pro.

GeeTasks is basically a rich GUI for Google Tasks, a TO-DO list in the Google cloud that integrates with GMail.  So the nice thing is you can manage your tasks on any computer with a web browser and then use GeeTasks when you’re on your iPhone (or iPod Touch).  Google also has an iPhone web interface for Google Tasks, but GeeTasks is much more functional and, since it caches all your task data locally, it works when you’re not connected to the internet!

The really cool thing about GeeTasks is it’s so easy to use (in some ways, more so than the Google Tasks web app).  The developer is also actively improving it and even added features based on my personal suggestions!

So if you’re looking for a nice anywhere TO-DO app solution, I highly suggest you check it out!


Denis said...

Wo-hoo! Thanks for the kind words, Peter.

If anyone has any questions I regularly answer them all in my forums over at so come on over!

Charles Green said...

I'm always looking for the to-do holy grail, and came up with the same conclusion as you. It has to be sync-abl, which this is; it should be from a dependable base, which Google certainly is. It has to sync seamlessly, which so many don't do. And it has to have a decent set of features, which this does.

However: it's missing one big thing, which is lack of a simple standalone client app for the desktop. Unless I'm missing something, I still have to fire up google gmail, then go down to tasks, click on it to detach from the page, the position it where I like, which is upper right.

Hmmm, if GeeTasks Pro had a desktop app...SimpleNote has apps that do this for the desktop. GeeTask Pro is such a fabulous app for the iPhone and iPad--but what about my MacBookAir and iMac?


Pete said...


To my knowledge, there isn't a desktop app that gives you the Google Tasks functionality out of the browser. However, you can browse directly to Google Tasks in your browser without having to open GMail. If you're a GMail user (i.e. you have a account), you can do that here:

If you're a Google Apps user (like I am), you can get to the same GUI with this URL:

(replacing with your actual domain name)

Even better is to run the above web page inside of Google Chrome's App Mode where you can take any website and run it within a stand-alone window, making it feel like a desktop app. Unfortunately this feature currently only works on the Windows and Linux versions of Chrome. I use Windows at work, which is where I do most of my task stuff, so that works pretty good for me.

A final Chrome option that I just discovered is this Chrome extension which keeps your Google Tasks in a handy pop-up task window:

If you're a Firefox user, check out this trick to display Google tasks in the Sidebar:

Of course, all of the above solutions require that you have a connection to the internet since they're all displaying HTML content from the Google web server. One of the benefits of a true rich-client app (like GeeTasks) is that it works both offline and online, performing automatic syncing between the client and the server. And I would imaging that the syncing piece is the really tricky part to build, which is probably why we haven't seen any real efforts to build it yet, especially when the HTML version is so functional.


Pete said...

Actually, here's an even better URL for tasks:


Google Apps:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Haven't seen it before, and I love it. Great post.