Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm fairly excited to announce my first real OSS contribution.  It's a library called FluentSiteMap and is useful in ASP.NET MVC web applications for building website site maps, something that was a little more built-in with classic ASP.NET.  I built this library about a year or so ago when working on a side project and ever since have wanted to get it out there in the OSS community, but just never made the time (and yes, it did take a considerable amount of effort).

The project is out on GitHub and even has a NuGet package so it can be easily used by web developers.  Full documentation is currently in the README file on the GitHub page.

In the process of preparing FluentSiteMap for the OSS world, I also published two more projects, both used by FluentSiteMap:

So feel free to check it out and contribute to the projects if you like!  Since the original code is slightly dated, FluentSiteMap is actually based on ASP.NET MVC2, so right out of the box it could use an upgrade to the newer versions of MVC (although I think it works fine in MVC3/4).  Version 1.0.0 also shipped with a bug (imagine that!) that I felt was low enough priority not to delay the initial OSS release.  You can see the list of current issues here.